My Reports


Providing Housing Security for Single Older Women in Housing Stress – The Potential of Shared Equity, 17 December 2021

Out of Sight – Out of Mind, Addressing Older Women’s Risk of Homelessness
8 December 2021.

Review of Shared Equity and Related Schemes Available to Single Older Women as Individuals or in Co-housing Arrangements, July 2021


CSRI Sustainable Retirement Scorecard May 2018

CSRI Leadership Forum address by Patricia Pascuzzo 31 May 2018


CSRI CIPR Submission July 2017

CSRI Submission to the Productivity Commission Review of Superannuation Alternative Default Models April 2017

CSRI Sustainable Retirement Income Integrated Reform Programme, 2017

Making Income the Goal: Developing a Regulatory Framework for Post Retirement, Executive Summary, 2017

CSRI Submission on DSS Income Streams Discussion Paper, February 2017